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Screeching Owls of Daly City

News Archive

Owls post-game wrap up, Bladium SAN FRANCISCO, 1996

Owls Find Silver Lining in Slow Start
H.Gilmore, Owls staff writer

06/18/02 - The Screeching Owls Monday Silver team turned an early season slump into a first round playoff bye, then rode that momentum all the way to the first Silver League championship in team history.

The Owls started the Spring 2002 season tentatively, winning just one game out of the first five and staring up at all the other teams from the bottom of the standings with a 1-3-1 record. What happened after that is anybody's guess, as the Owls won the remaining five games of the season to finish in a tie for first place and earn a first round bye in the playoffs.

The Owls beat third seeded Pylons to set up a final against the Voodoo, who upset top seed Marina Lounge to earn a spot in the championship game. Up 3-1 at the half, the Owls let their lead slip away as the Voodoo managed to tie the game up at 3 apiece at the final horn and set up a penalty shootout to determine the champion.

Voodoo shot first but were stuffed by goalie Tim Yolo. Penalty goals by captain Carlos Lavin and Alfredo Melara, coupled with two more big saves by the Owls netminder set up Max Abramov to shoot for the win. Voodoo goalie Dave came up with a huge leg splitting save to keep them alive and give them one more shot. One more shot is all it took, as Tim made a fourth save out of four to seal the victory for the Owls. Hootie Hoo!

NOTES: Goalie Tim Yolo was named championship MVP. The Fridge Magnets, a Screeching Owls affiliate, lost in the semifinals of the Thursday Bronze League. Defenseman Kevin Lee is set to return to the Owls next season following off season shoulder surgery.

Owls Start Their Playoff Run
H.Gilmore, Owls staff writer

03/12/02 - Someone lit a fire under somebody's ass, cuz the Owls are starting to win some games! The Screeching Owls of the Bladium Silver League started their run with an upset of the undefeated Dooleys by a score of 10-8. Leading the way in this victory was the inspiring goaltending of Chris "Janks" Jankosky.

Their run continued with a victory in the final regular season game against Marina Lounge to secure the 3rd seed in the playoffs. Last night pitted the Owls against Marina Lounge once again in a playoff contest with much more at stake than just seeding. Tied 1-1 with under 2 minutes remaining, a power play goal by Randy Wing top-shelfed the Owls into the next round, where they'll play the 2nd seeded Pylons.

After winning the Bronze championship last season the Owls are now one victory away from playing for the first Silver League championship in team history. Hootie hoo!

NOTES: The Screeching Owls Battalion of the Bladium Sunday Bronze League battle for a 3rd seed in the playoffs as they conclude their regular season this weekend against 2nd seeded We Ain't Hosers, EH?.

Owls Officially Suck

02/25/02 - The Screeching Owls, coming off a championship Bronze season and an undefeated regular season in Copper, have followed up their fairytale seasons by sucking really bad this time around. After posting an 11-1 record in Copper and a 9-2-2 record in Bronze, including winning the league championship, this season's Owls teams have combined for 3 whole wins in 14 total games. Do the math, that sucks.

When asked about the teams' combined records this season defenseman Butch Lavin said, "Wow, we really do suck, don't we?" The Owls next spanking comes tonight at the hands of the undefeated Dooleys.

Monday Bronze League Champions
Dave Yee & Randy Wing, Owls staff writers

12/10/01 - It was a historic night at the Bladium sports club in Alameda. The Screeching Owls Bronze Team put on a spectacular performance, not once, but twice on Monday night to overcome 2 great opponents. The Owls exorcised a demon that has been haunting them for 6 years by defeating the Dooleys in the semifinals round. And later that night, the Owls took on the unbeaten Pylons in a close championship game. Here's how the night progressed...

8:00pm - The 3rd-seeded Screeching Owls (6-2-2) of Daly City drop the puck against the 2nd-seeded Dooleys (6-2-2) in the semifinals of the Bladium Bronze League.

9:00pm - The Owls, led by Alfredo Melara's 3 goals and Tim Yolo's strong net minding, finally defeat the Dooleys, 5-2, for the first time ever in their 6-year rivalry spanning back to the old days at the now defunct San Francisco Bladium.

9:30pm - The Owls drop the puck against the 1st-seeded and unbeaten Pylons (7-0-3) in the Championship game.

10:26pm - The Owls give up the game tying goal to the Pylons.

10:28pm and 43 seconds - Carlos Lavin scores the Championship winning goal on the power play with 17 seconds left in the game!

10:30pm and 7 seconds - A faceoff is taken deep inside Screeching Owls territory with 11 seconds left. The Pylons pull their goalie in an effort to tie up the game. A mad scramble ensues off the draw. The seconds tick down and the horn of victory sounds.

10:35pm - The Owls take a Championship photo and are issued championship sweaters.

10:36pm - Carlos Lavin is awarded the League MVP! Bling Bling.

11:00pm - The Screeching Owls return to their respective homes to dream about this historic night.

MVP Lavin and top minder Yolo smile after bringing the hardware home.

Game Winning Team Roster:
Tim Yolo, Kevin Baldomero, Joe Deardorff, Butch Lavin, Carlos Lavin, Luiz Martinez, Alfredo Melara, Randy Wing, David Yee

Carlos Lavin Reaches 40 Points
Marc Aure, Owls staff writer

12/10/01 - Congratulations to Carlos Lavin who reached 40 points. Lavin hit 40 by scoring 2 goals against the Bruisers on Sunday. He ends the regular season tallying 25 goals and 15 assists for the Battalion.

Lavin now leads the Battalion into the playoffs where they are the top seed. Bling Bling!!!

Lee Out for a Year by Marc Aure

09/25/01 - In a heartbreaker of a loss in the championship game, the Screeching Owls Battalon and Screeching Owls lost top defenseman Kevin Lee. Lee dislocated his shoulder with 4 seconds left in the game when he was knocked down trying to defend against the Blowholes.

This marks the third time that Lee has suffered a dislocated shoulder. After examination, doctors said that physical therapy is definite and surgery is a possibility.

Lee is out for a year.

Owls Finally Update Their Site
After 5 years, somebody got off their lazy butt and updated this page. Thanks and apologies for all the people that have linked to us over the years only to find an empty web directory. That was then and this is now.

We are back with a vengance and fully equipped with a new logo and new jerseys. Our old ones are getting pretty ratty. So we are now going to floss the new ones on the week of August 12, 2001. Go to the Bladium and check us out. Bling Bling!

Whoo The Heck Are These Guys?!?
This is the Official Website of the Screeching Owls, Screeching Owls Remix, and Screeching Owls Battalion of Daly City. What started out as just some guys and girls playing hockey at the Margate tennis courts has now flourished into the team you see here on this site. Before playing at the Bladium, the Owls would play in tournaments all over the Bay Area; trying to maintain their status as one of the top 20 teams in Northern California. But after playing too many games on rough asphalt (and wasting too much money on wheels) they brought their game to the Bladium. The webmasters here will post results of the current season soon, so stay tuned.

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Wed, July 19, 2006
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Screeching Owls vs. Fire
Wed, 8/9/2006, 07:00PM

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